He Has Great Ideas

“No, Alex, you may not have a fourth serving of fruit snacks.”

“No, Alex, you can’t have cool whip for dinner.”

“No, Alex, you may not throw your action figure at me. Or anyone.”

He almost always asks. I guess that’s a good thing. Instead of just doing something he knows he isn’t supposed to, he asks first. He generally still does it, and then gives me a look like what are you going to do about it, huh?

His obsession with candy and dessert is no surprise. Not only is he a kid (what kid doesn’t love sweets?), he comes by his love of sugar honestly. My weakness is definitely sugar-laden foods. Brownies, M&Ms, ice cream. If they are in my general vicinity, I have a really hard time not consuming every last drop.

This love of candy and sweets can make it hard to get him to eat anything real, so generally we bargain. Actually, we bargain everything. Or threaten. “If you don’t let me brush your teeth you don’t get to have story time before bed” works like a charm. “If you don’t let me get you dressed for the day I won’t wrestle with you on the bed” convinces him that getting dressed is a good idea.

He’s figured this bargaining out, though, and now tries to use it on us.

“I know what’s a good idea! I’ll go into the kitchen and eat a carrot, and then I can have the entire container of cool whip.”

More often than not, though, he goes straight for what he wants and doesn’t even offer up an enticing offer. “I know what’s a good idea! Let’s have cookies instead of chicken!”

Yeah, you wish, kiddo.


5 thoughts on “He Has Great Ideas

  1. Allison. You really need to put these enties into a book. Musings for Mothers or such. Does Facebook let me print them out? These entries could be woven into a great book.

  2. Adorable! We have to bargain with Abby about everything, too. With a nearly-full plate of food: “How about I eat two more bites, then I can have dessert!?”

    In fact, a lot of it has to do with food. I hate that she asks for a snack ten minutes after breakfast, or anytime we get in the car. Must be because of the snacking on long trips.

    Look how big he is in that picture!

  3. I am so dreading this stage. Totally dreading it.

    But, at least he’s adorable about it too 🙂

    ~Jac (Formerly WuzzleMakesThree)

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