Not a Baby

Recently, Alex has taken to a new game. This “game” has various titles, all of which share one word in common.

“Let’s pway Baby Joker!” “I’m a Baby Horse!” “Let’s pway…You be da Mommy, I be da Baby.” “I’m a Baby Dine-saur!”

He also will pretend to be one of the other kids at daycare, particularly the two young ones. He will look at us squarely in the face and say in a serious voice, “No! I’m not Awix. I’m [insert name of daycare kid]!”

This “baby” play is rather adorable. Did you know that a baby will hug you and kiss you again and again and again? Did you know that a baby will cry, but the second you offer it a pretend/invisible bottle it will immediately quiet down? Did you know that a baby will ask to take a nap?

The issue is that he blames his behavior on the fact that he’s a baby. “I can’t cwean! I’m a baby!” “No, Mommy. I’m a baby. Babies can’t do dat.” “Stop it, Mommy. It’s okay to say dat, babies say dat!”

I reminded him that not only do babies not say mean things to their parents, but also? Babies can’t talk. I didn’t think that one through.

He stopped talking to me.

When I insisted that he answer the question I was asking he turned it back around on me: “But, Mommy. You told me babies can’t talk. I’m a baby! Babies can’t talk.”

Well played, little sir. Well played.


4 thoughts on “Not a Baby

  1. Ha! Well played, sir!

    We get a lot of, “No, Mom, I a KID!” lately. Buddy, are you sleeping? “No, I a kid.” Are you hungry? “No, I a kid.” Are you ready to go? “No! I A KID!” Ooookay then…

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