There’s Just Something About a Wet Kid That I Love

At some point in the recent past, Alex began to get dirty. I mean, he’s always gotten dirty, but this is new. This isn’t just “We pwayed in da diwt at daycawe today, Mommy!” kind of dirty. This is day-to-day filth that builds up.

Very small children don’t get dirty. When they are babies, we hold them, rock them, put them in bouncy seats and keep them almost constantly wrapped up. They may spit up, or have tummy time, but mostly they are in no position to get dirty.

Then they crawl. And their hands and knees get all sorts of filthy. Baths have to become a more consistent ritual. But unless they are crawling around outside they don’t get too dirty.

But then they grow up some more. And something changes. They start getting dirty without doing anything that warrants dirt accumulation.

In addition to somehow managing to always get dirty even when he isn’t playing outside he has started to… smell.

His feet, in particular, now smell on occasion. I didn’t realize that someone so little could produce such an odor from such a small part of their body, but boy is it something.

Smelly little feet, morning breath. More and more he really is turning into a real person.


2 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About a Wet Kid That I Love

  1. Oh, morning breath. My Kate has horrible morning breath, even though I make her brush her teeth every night before bed.

    As they grow up, they sure grow away from those sweet, milky-smelling babies they were, don’t they?

    1. I desperately miss the baby smell. It truly is the best smell in the world. At least the morning breath means I never forget the morning teeth brushing!

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