High Heels, “Shooting,” Wrestling and Barbies

Depending on the day, Alex’s favorite color changes. Like everything in a three year old’s life, he is very in the moment. One moment he is sobbing about having to brush his teeth, the next he is cracking up at the word “butt.”

Some days, Alex’s favorite color is pink.

Other days, it is blue. Or red. Or “bwack.” Or purple.

And on the days that it is pink or purple, I have to hope that we are around good people. Good people who will smile and genuinely mean it when they say, “that is a great color!” Good people that won’t look at me and judge me or look at him at judge him.

Depending on the day, Alex plays different games. Some days he likes to be Batman or Buzz Lightyear.

Other days he wants to play the Mommy. Or the Princess.

And on days like that I hope that he is with some good people who will play the Baby to his Mommy or help him figure out which corner of the room should be his Princess Castle.

When given the chance, Alex almost always chooses to play with a baby doll. He likes to carry a baby doll around everywhere he goes. When given the chance, he loves to “cook” in a kitchen. He loves to gently touch his make-believe pets and feed his pretend baby a bottle.

I feel lucky to be surrounded by such good people almost all of the time. They understand that it is unnecessary to call a toy a “boy toy” or a “girl toy” and they understand even more that it is cruel to tell a little boy that he can’t play with something because it is “made for a girl.”

Because none of it matters. If Alex wants to play with a princess phone, why shouldn’t he? I mean, seriously, who doesn’t see the attraction of the Princess life?

Depending on the day…well, it doesn’t depend on the day. He is my little boy every day. My little boy that often wants to run around and play shooting games, “kill da bad guys,” wrestle with his daddy, throw and kick balls, watch Batman and Superman, and sometimes? Sometimes he wants to be a Princess.

And that’s not “okay.” It’s great.


This was totally inspired by this amazing, awesome, fantastic post.

I really hope one day that I won’t have to worry about being surrounded by good people. Pink and purple are just colors. A Princess is just a character. I really hope one day people will wake up and realize that kids are kids, regardless of what they are drawn to when playing. That a boy playing with a Barbie is not gay. That a girl who loves sports more than tea parties is not a lesbian. Kids? Are kids. Can we just let them be kids? Not throw our stereotypes at them starting at birth? Not teach them our wrong beliefs?

I, like everyone, stereotype. I know which toys are considered “girl” and “boy” toys not because they are labeled as such (directly, at least) but because I know what should be for each gender. I am not gender-blind, but I hope that Alex can be slightly less aware of these stereotypes, at least for a while longer.

When he's older, he will KILL me for having these.