Waiting (Sometimes) Works

Two weeks and a day ago, Alex was in diapers. Always. He refused to even look at a potty, let alone talk about it. When I would ask him if he had the slightest interest in trying out the potty he would scream at me. “Noooo! I wike my diapers!”

Then, two weeks ago, Alex was potty trained. No more diapers. He did everything on the potty. He started wearing real underwear. We didn’t even have to remind him to go. He. Was. Potty. Trained. Just like that. Zach put him on the potty in his diaper, gave him treats a few times, and did Big.Huge. high fives. A little tiny push and he did it.

Sometimes? Waiting is good. Sometimes? Not pushing an issue works out for the best.

Kids do things at their own pace. And maybe this was more of a big lesson for me and less of a simple “Yay my kid is potty trained” moment. Alex is über stubborn, and attempting to convince him to do, well, anything, just doesn’t work. Bribes don’t really work. He needs to decide for himself (or at least be under the guise that he is deciding for himself) what and when he will do things.

For this particular thing, this thing that was driving me crazy because oh my goodness I was sick of diapers? This particular thing just needed time. Patience. Just a little waiting. He outgrew diapers when he was ready, and for us? That worked well.


And his little butt in underwear? Super cute.

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