Tough Life

Generally speaking, I try to avoid drama. I am not a gossip. I don’t get involved in other people’s business. It is not my place to have an opinion about someone else’s marriage or children unless they ask for that opinion. It is not my place to share information that someone told me in confidence.

I like to be drama free. I have enough drama in my life living with a three year old, after all.

Getting dressed in the morning? Drama. “But, Mommy! I don’t wike dat shirt. It’s too tight! No, I don’t wike dat shirt! I don’t wike buttons!”

Breakfast time? Drama. “You didn’t cut it up right! No! You’re ‘opposed to just do half! NO! Daddy doesn’t do it dat way!”

Dropping off at school? Drama. Whispering, getting teary, tucked between my legs and wrapped around them with his head buried in my stomach: “But, Mommy? I just want to stay with you. I wove you. I just want to stay home. I don’t wike school. I don’t wike school at all! I wike staying at home all day with you.”

Picking up at school? Drama. Running away across the room and beginning to sob. “I don’t want to go home! I love school! I want to stay and pway with dese toys! I don’t wike any toys at home.”

Dinner is the same as breakfast. Drama. “I don’t want dinner! I’m not hungry. I just want a snack. NO! Not dat! I don’t wike ::insert food he eats regularly and loves::!” whine whine whine about something, start crying and come over to me with arms wide open for a hug because he is just so upset about life.

Bedtime? You guessed it. รœber Drama. “I just want to sweep in your bed. I don’t wike my bed. I wike your bed. I’ll be scared if you leave me in my bedroom all by myself. Pewwy da pwatapus and me will be scared all by ourselves in bed if you leave and we just want to sweep in your bed.” Tears fall and even when he isn’t actively whining he is so very sad and serious.

When Alex tries to put together legos? Drama. He grunts and groans and gets so angry at himself and the legos and anyone who happens to be around because it’s hard. He sighs and moans and throws things on the ground in frustration before storming away, eventually crying.

Life is just tough when you’re three. You have to wake up (probably in your parents’ bed), have someone help you get dressed (gasp!), have someone make you breakfast that you have to eat (gasp!), be driven to school while playing with toys, spend all day playing with toys at school only to come home and play more and sometimes watch whatever movie you want (but, gasp! It’s probably not the one you want still!), have someone make you more food, cut it all up for you (gasp! It wasn’t perfect!) and then read to you and sing you songs until you fall asleep in your handmade bed (gasp! It’s too small apparently (it’s not) and isn’t perfect for some reason) with a pillow and blanket that you picked out…

Yeah, life is rough for three year olds. They’re lucky they make up for the drama with hilarity and adorableness.


3 thoughts on “Tough Life

  1. And *he’s* a BOY. Oh, my. I was seriously hoping Michael would be drama-free. At 4 months old, he’s definitely the easiest one of my children (except at 2 a.m., of course) right now. Well, it’s like I say: Parenting: It’s an adventure!

  2. I hear you ๐Ÿ™‚ Choices, choices, choices. We woke up one day and I went to help Noah with his shoes and it was a meltdown. Since then we try to give him as many choices as possible. Ie rather than me picking out his clothes to wear, I’ll either give him two choices of outfits or just let him pick out clothes himself. They’re exercising lots of independence which we need to find ways to let them have some of it rather than doing everything for them.

    Some days for beverages and meals everything has to be on a blue plate or in a blue cup. Sometimes it’s okay to cut things and other times it’s a meltdown if you do. Lol it’s funny having to ask what color cup he wants but sometimes it avoids a complete meltdown. Would be fun for Noah and Alex to meet.


  3. Every time I see that kid, he’s nothing but an angel. I heretoforth refuse to believe you when you say he’s engaging in drama. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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