Camping, Lite

We took Alex on his first camping adventure last night. We drove two hours east to a cute little state park, packing up almost our entire house in the car, for an approximately twenty-four hour trip.

We had a cabin. And power. Delicious food (and wine!) and a short drive to the beach for swimming. There was a large public restroom for the cabin goers, including very clean showers and flushing toilets.

The beach was adorable. A tiny little sandy part and a very shallow entry made it perfect for Alex to explore. He isn’t exactly the most adventurous child, so when he slipped and ended up getting his face in the water there was a bit of a panic attack. If we had been there longer, it’s possible he would have ventured into the water a little deeper, perhaps even over his knees.

If you ask Alex, his favorite part was “plopping the fish back in the water.” The fishing, apparently, was a big hit, even though he freaked out every time a bug came near him and when his toes touched the grass through his sandals it was worth near meltdown and an insistence on being carried.


Maybe it was a good thing it wasn’t too rugged of a camping adventure. Besides, without power we couldn’t have charged Alex’s little DVD player.


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