Opinions Are Like…

This whole “growing up” thing can be annoying at times.

I mean, first of all? Stop it. Alex is now four, and I am barely coming to grips with the fact that he is only a year away from entering kindergarten! He puts away dishes, goes to the bathroom without any help, gets himself dressed and can do little errands around the house like getting lazy me my iPad.

He doesn’t need me as much. There are fewer and fewer “help me”‘s and more and more “I can do it by myself Mommy!”‘s. Fortunately, he’s still too short to reach a lot of things in life, so at least I can hold on to that for a while longer.

But the real problem with this whole growing up thing? The opinions. Alex has an opinion on anything and everything. What he wants to eat, drink; whether or not he wants to go shopping, play outside, which toys he should spend his evening with; what movie to watch, snack to eat; what clothes to wear.

Now, I realize that it doesn’t really matter what clothes Alex wears. He’s barely four, so he won’t offend anyone. He doesn’t have a uniform. The reality is that he is always dressed just fine. If you know me at all, though, you know I want him in polo shirts and nice jeans, um, every day. And these days? He won’t wear anything but standard t-shirts. The fight that ensues if I even mention wearing a “button shirt” is dramatic, full-fledged screaming, often crying, flipping out status. “I don’t wike button shirts! They hurt! I won’t wear a button shirt ever again.” And my heart breaks.

What happened to the little boy I could dress in lovely button-up shirts? Polos? A nice sweater vest on occasion? He has opinions about his clothes now. He wants t-shirts that have no buttons and he will only wear pants that have buttons. (In case you were wondering, that does not include pants that have snaps. Buttons only.)



If only he could just wear his adorable little blue and orange bathing suit forever. Then we would never have to argue about clothes.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

My Sweet Little Man:

Today? Today, you are four! I can’t believe it. Four years ago, you were coming into this world reluctantly. Now you are here and not reluctant at all.

That first year the changes were unbelievable. I can’t deny that the vast majority of changes in life occurred during that first year, but I have been no less than astounded as each year passes and you continue to grow in so many ways. From one to two, two to three, and now three to four.

You went from a toddler to a preschooler in a year.

And what a year it was! We spent your third birthday on vacation at a beautiful lake house, which you adored. To this day you will bring up that vacation with fond memories. Usually you will bring up memories of the lake house when you are supposed to be sleeping, but it’s charming nonetheless.

We moved into a new house, you started a new school, you grew inches and pounds; your vocabulary continued to explode, your grammar improve, the stories have continued to grow in length and detail. You moved up not just one but two classes at school!

Your love of life can’t be ignored and is almost impossible not to catch. The world has continued to fascinate you. From the day you were born, your wide eyes would examine every little thing around you. Questioning, wondering, thinking. I always assumed it was this fascination with the world that led to your amazingly awful sleep habits that have continued almost to this day.

Your fascination amounts to lots of questions. Questions about what, how, why, come out of your mouth approximately every 2.3 seconds. When we don’t know the answer, you ask us why we don’t know the answer. “But, you’re my Mommy and you are supposed to know why [insert some totally random question about bats or helicopters or asparagus]!”

Because you want to know the answers right away, you haven’t yet showed much interest in reading or writing. That’s okay. I know that every child goes at their own pace, and I can’t deny that you are a smart boy. It frustrates you that you have to learn how to write one letter at a time! You want to just know them and write a book for everyone to read. Right now. No patiently learning over a period of days, weeks, months. You want the answers and you want them as soon as humanly possible.

Your growth this year has astounded me. You have grown up so much. I look at you and see a child. A smart, funny, impeccably clever, loving, little boy. A little boy. Not a baby. Not a toddler. Not a baby! You are so mature in comparison to last year, so grown up.

And with growing up has come so much love. You hug and kiss, cuddle and snuggle, and find so much comfort in us, your parents. You are definitely a Daddy’s boy these days, asking for extra kisses and snuggles from Daddy whenever possible. We love that you are so loving. So very, very, sweet.

We hope you will stay this sweet. This loving. I know that the next year will bring about more changes. You will grow in inches and pounds, becoming longer and leaner. You will learn to write letters, read, continue to learn hundreds of new words. You will continue to learn addition and subtraction, history, world events. You will be prepared for Kindergarten!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings, my big beautiful four year old Alex. You are such an amazing little man, and I can’t believe the amount of love I have for you.

Happy Birthday, my darling Alexander.

We love you.