Opinions Are Like…

This whole “growing up” thing can be annoying at times.

I mean, first of all? Stop it. Alex is now four, and I am barely coming to grips with the fact that he is only a year away from entering kindergarten! He puts away dishes, goes to the bathroom without any help, gets himself dressed and can do little errands around the house like getting lazy me my iPad.

He doesn’t need me as much. There are fewer and fewer “help me”‘s and more and more “I can do it by myself Mommy!”‘s. Fortunately, he’s still too short to reach a lot of things in life, so at least I can hold on to that for a while longer.

But the real problem with this whole growing up thing? The opinions. Alex has an opinion on anything and everything. What he wants to eat, drink; whether or not he wants to go shopping, play outside, which toys he should spend his evening with; what movie to watch, snack to eat; what clothes to wear.

Now, I realize that it doesn’t really matter what clothes Alex wears. He’s barely four, so he won’t offend anyone. He doesn’t have a uniform. The reality is that he is always dressed just fine. If you know me at all, though, you know I want him in polo shirts and nice jeans, um, every day. And these days? He won’t wear anything but standard t-shirts. The fight that ensues if I even mention wearing a “button shirt” is dramatic, full-fledged screaming, often crying, flipping out status. “I don’t wike button shirts! They hurt! I won’t wear a button shirt ever again.” And my heart breaks.

What happened to the little boy I could dress in lovely button-up shirts? Polos? A nice sweater vest on occasion? He has opinions about his clothes now. He wants t-shirts that have no buttons and he will only wear pants that have buttons. (In case you were wondering, that does not include pants that have snaps. Buttons only.)



If only he could just wear his adorable little blue and orange bathing suit forever. Then we would never have to argue about clothes.