I Lost It

I have lost all blog mojo.

Whatever mojo I may have had started to dissipate when I went back to school
to get my BSN. The program was all-consuming, with little time to myself and only a small amount for my family that I made happen. There just wasn’t the ten minutes here and there that I would have liked to have in order to write. To share and remember those moments in blog form like I had been doing since Alex was a baby was just not making the top of my priority list.

And then I graduated, and thought, “Now! This is the time I can be better and document our lives again!”


Well, that didn’t happen, either.

I got a job, with ridiculous hours, and basically just drowned in my exhaustion and attempted to enjoy my days off. I kept Alex out of school about once a month in order to have the opportunity to actually spend a full day with him since I was working every other weekend. We had adventures, traveling to the zoo or simply running errands, apple picking in the fall, and enjoying quiet days at home.

And now, here I am, almost 14 months after I started my job as a registered nurse. Here I am, with a total of 20 posts for over a year of our lives. As I look back on it, I realize there are things that I didn’t post that I should have, because, let’s face it, I will not remember. I won’t remember the adorable way that Alex used to argue when he was just three years old. I won’t remember the way that he continued to play with his hair whenever he was tired even as he neared 4.5 years old.


Unless I, this time, find my mojo.

I am starting a new job. This is very exciting, amazingly nerve wracking, and all-around new. My hours will be better and worse at the same time. But: I will be here every weekend. Every holiday. And for that I would have taken on a job that wasn’t very interesting to me. But this job? This job is interesting, and I think it is going to be an amazing opportunity.

And now I want to remember. I want to have documentation of our adventures. Little snippets of the things Alex says, the goofy things he does, the pictures of his smile and not-so-chubby-anymore-face.

So, here goes. If I manage to write even 50% more than I have in the previous 14 months I’ll be happy. I don’t want to forget all of this stuff. I don’t want to forget the little moments that slip away so easily.