All Locked Up

I had no idea that having every weekend off would be the most amazing thing in the world.

I knew it would be great. I expected it to be wonderful, lovely, enjoyable, fun. I planned on the fact that having two full days off, at the same time as My Boys, would be a fantastic addition to our lives. I fully expected that I would love it, and that Zach would love it, poor guy having to be the one and only parent every other weekend and for days (and days!) at a time.

But the fact of the matter is that it is seriously, truly, beyond amazing. It is better than anticipated.

And the cool thing? It is going to stay that way. From now on, at least with this job, I won’t be working weekends. No longer will I have to work every other Saturday and Sunday, leaving my family behind on their only days off of work and school. No longer will I have to say no to friends and family when they want to stay out late on a Saturday night. I don’t have to turn down every other birthday party, gathering, baby shower, enjoyable event in life that occurs on a weekend because that is when normal people aren’t working. No longer will I be working overnight, missing out on both bedtime and wake up rituals with Alex.

It isn’t going to stay as perfect as it has been these first few weeks. I’ve been able to work mostly 7:30-3:30. I will have to work some evenings each week, two to three, but never overnight, and never weekends. Never holidays! It is with great joy that I can say that I will not have to work Easter, Fourth of July, Christmas. The “hazard hours” will not be fun, and missing out on dinner will be a bummer, but on the days that I miss dinner I should hopefully not miss breakfast too.

Instead, I get to be slightly more normal. Even though I will be staying up late some nights, I will not have to completely change my sleeping schedule every week or two. I won’t be screwing with my body’s natural rhythm, missing out on a million and one milestones in Alex’s development, declining events left and right.

If I hadn’t been home all of this week, I would have missed out on this:

The “L” sound! And at the beginning there is an “R” in there! My little man is growing up, day by day, and I hope that I can start to miss less of it. I got to hear him say “Thor” appropriately, and “Lock” with an actual luh instead of a wuh. As silly and inconsequential as it sounds (and, yes, it kind of it), it made my day. And I don’t want to miss these little things.

Like the constant costume changes. And the need to be playing characters all the time. And the literally nonstop talking. I don’t want to miss it, even though, I’ll admit!, it drives me nuts sometimes when he says my name over and over and over again. “Mommy, do bats fly, Mommy? Uh, Mommy? Did you know that bats are nocturnal, Mommy? Mommy, did you know dat? Did you know dat about bats, Mommy? Mommy?” (No, I am not even remotely exaggerating. The name he is using, whether it’s Mommy, Daddy or a grandparent, will often be the first word and last word in a question or statement.)

Captain America

But I don’t want to miss a thing.