Now That’s Typical February

Well, we got snow!

Sorry, everyone.

Snow Fun!

Snow Fun!

I had stopped looking at the weather. Day after day it’s been mild, maybe rainy at best, but never snowy. So, I just gave up. I stopped looking and just assumed the weather would be okay from now on. As I was leaving one location and heading to another on Friday during work, I realized there was salt everywhere. Working at a hospital means that if there is any chance at all, no matter how small, of snow the sidewalks will be salted. Like, super-crazy-covered-one-pound-per-square-foot covered. So, I thought maybe some snow was coming.

Well, turns out we did get some snow. Mostly overnight, so when we woke up on Saturday morning it was beautiful.

Snow Fun!

And now Alex believes me that it snows here. He can’t yet believe me that snow men can be built (the snow was really dry and wouldn’t even form snow balls), but maybe next year. I say next year because now that we had one good snow fall? I’m over it. Done. No more snow, please.

"Bahaha, now I have the better snowball!"

2 thoughts on “Now That’s Typical February

  1. I don’t think I’m done with snow yet. We didn’t get as much here and I truly enjoy getting one HUGE snow every year. Not a few piddly inches, but enough that there is no doubt about whether I am leaving the house.

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