My Little Pope Boy

On Friday evening, Alex, Zach, and I went to see Disney on Ice. It was a kind of last minute decision, with the tickets only purchased the day before. When I told Alex the plan after buying the tickets, he was psyched.

“Does that mean I can go as a Disney character?”

“Of course you can! You can be Buzz!”

Naturally, he didn’t want to be Buzz. The one time he doesn’t want to be Buzz, act like Buzz, is the one time I am actually going to allow it. Of course.

He wants to go as Batman. Or Spiderman. Finally, he said, “I want to be a king!

So, in the hour before Zach got home from work, Alex and I figured out how to make him a King for the show. Alex made a crown for me to cut out and size to his head, and he got to pick out one (not “all of dem, PWEASE?!”) cape to wear.

My little pope boy, he sure did love Disney on Ice.



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