DC and Back

On Thursday, Alex, my mom, and I drove down to Washington, DC.

On Saturday, we drove back home.

It may have been an extremely short trip, but it was lovely.

The King

My Uncle and Aunt, from California, were in DC on business, so it was the perfect excuse for a quick trip away from home while seeing family that we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to see for who-knows-how-long.

Day 5: May 10th

Alex warmed up to his Great Uncle and Great Aunt within about ten minutes. Once he warmed up he never cooled down. He talked everyone’s ears off the entire time we were there.


We spent Friday walking around, checking out various places, museums, food. Ducks.

DC Ducks!

“Hey, Alex, what was your favorite part of Washington, DC?”

“The ducks. I wish we were could have taken one of those baby ducks home with us.”

Day 6: May 11

As we approached the white house, Alex pointed to the security building and excitedly asked if it was the White House. I think he was disappointed that it wasn’t.

White house

And now I can never, ever, complain about Alex’s behavior to his Great Uncle and Aunt. He was the most well behaved kid…ever. He was a perfect angel.


Even though he still wouldn’t pose for me for pictures.

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