Cheap Works!

It was hot on Sunday. Very hot.

Now, I love the heat. I don’t care that I turn into a sweaty, frizzy, mess. It doesn’t bother me that my face is instantly shiny. Who cares that I am less comfortable wearing summer clothes? I’ll take that over being cold any day.

Alex, however, seems to have taken Zach’s stance on the whole heat-issue: extreme hatred.

I’ve never heard a kid complain so loudly about the heat. “The sun is too hot. I don’t like being outside when it’s hot out. It makes me too sweaty. The sun hurts my eyes!” All in a super whiny, gonna-rip-my-hair-out, voice. He just doesn’t like it.

So, what am I to do on a day when all I want to do is be outside and all Alex wants to do is be in air conditioning?

Run an errand to the hardware store and buy a sprinkler!

Problem solved.

Sprinkler Fun

It’s amazing that something so cheap could bring so much joy and hours of fun. Of course, the first thing Alex said after running through it, giggling and smiling, was, “Mommy, this isn’t as fun as Alexis’ water thingy.”

But he very quickly forgot about the existence of the coolest inflatable water slide ever.

Sprinkler Fun

Who knew water flying into the sky and then falling back down could be that entertaining?

Eight bucks well spent.

Day 15: May 20

2 thoughts on “Cheap Works!

  1. I pulled out the sprinkler yesterday. It still holds magic, but not quite as much as it used to. I hope it stays magical for Alex for a very long time!

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