The Apple and Tree and Whatnot

Alex is his parents’ son.

Such an obvious thing to say, but it is impossible to look at this kid, let alone actually spend time with him and get to know him, without knowing exactly who made him.

“There once was a Zach and an Allison…” and then there was an Alex, a perfect combination of the two of them, with a little bit of extra Zach for good measure.

It’s a given that Alex was actually cloned. He looks so much like his father I have, at times, wondered how it is possible that my egg didn’t actually hold any of my DNA.

Beyond mere looks, they are alike in so many other ways: both very particular in how they want things done, both extremely focused on what they like, both able to charm just about anyone they meet.

There may be one thing Alex got from me, though: he wears his feelings on his face.

That child is completely unable to hide exactly what is going on in his head. It all shows in his face, his eyes, his mouth. And that, I have to admit, is entirely from me. My face and eyes? Give everything away.

June 24

2 thoughts on “The Apple and Tree and Whatnot

  1. The other day I was looking at a picture of him you had posted and thought to myself, I totally see Allison in his face, heh. I could see you in his smile.

    1. Ha! It’s funny, I very rarely see myself in him at all, but I have been told more and more lately that he looks like me. Maybe he *will* be a perfect mixture of the two of us someday!

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