Giving Up

I’ve given up on Project 365. At least, in the traditional must-take-a-picture-every-day sense. I still hope to take many more pictures on a regular basis, bring my camera with me more often than not, and continue to learn and grow.

Day 93: August 6

I hope that at the end of the year, I have 365 photos that I love. Some may be, gasp, from the same day. And that’s okay.

It was becoming a task. It wasn’t something I enjoyed. I didn’t want to take more pictures of Alex’s toys. I didn’t want yet another shot of me in a mirror. I don’t need those pictures in order to learn how to take pictures. I don’t need those pictures to document my life. To document Alex’s life.

I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures, and being forced to do it every day was ruining that for me. So, I quit.

Science Center August 4

I feel comfortable using my camera now. I shoot in manual mode ninety percent of the time, up from zero before I took Michelle’s class. When the scene changes too quickly, I don’t shoot in manual and that’s okay, too.

This is all documentation. That is what photography is for me. It’s taking pictures to capture moments in life. Big moments, little moments, just moments. And being forced to make moments? Does not a good picture make.

So long, 365. It was nice meeting you for a few months.

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    1. And you are SO right to do your version. I am going to be so much happier doing the @burghbaby version of Project 365. Who needs more stress in their lives? Especially something that should be ENJOYABLE!

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