Just a Monday Morning

“Mommy, I’m booooored.”

That phrase? May be the number one most annoying phrase that children utter. Especially because the phrase is always accompanied by an excessive level of whine.

It didn’t matter that breakfast was literally two minutes away from being ready. It didn’t matter that until I walked into the kitchen, Alex was happily playing by himself. The instant he saw me, he was booooooored.

A typical Monday morning...

I told him to grab his current love affair: Power Rangers. Apparently they are boring. I suggested he spend some time with his beloved Toy Story action figures. Buzz? Totally boring. I suggested he grab his iPad. I mean, c’mon… the always entertaining iPad had to win the morning. “I’m bored of my iPad.”

As his breakfast was finishing, I removed the heels I had worn to an early-morning meeting. Finally his eyes lit up. He knew just what to do.

A typical Monday morning...

And so the boredom was gone, and breakfast was ready, and the day could resume.

A typical Monday morning...

3 thoughts on “Just a Monday Morning

  1. Sounds like a little “end of summer” blues going on? Flora has it in spades right now. And isn’t it amazing how they are never bored when you are NOT around? 😉

    1. It really is amazing! He can entertain himself for, literally, HOURS, but the second I’m around he is bored and needs every ounce of my attention.

      You must be relieved school is starting back up, then, huh? Yay for school! 🙂

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