Alex hasn’t been a napper in years. He began to fight naps as a baby, in fact; from about 8 days of age, he fought all sleep, so fighting naps was only natural, I suppose. Starting around one or one and a half, things took a turn for the worse. There were a few months where, if I ignored him for long enough, he would occasionally fall asleep. By the time he was two, naps were done at home.

But naps were not done at daycare. He continued to nap three to four days a week when he was in full time daycare, and up until his most recent transition he was required to have quiet time, resting his head on his pillow for an hour, even if he didn’t sleep.

Now that he’s transitioned to the big Kindergarten room at his school, there is no longer a required nap time. The day goes from morning to evening and it is non.stop.activity.

Off to school!

I naively thought that it wouldn’t matter. He hasn’t had a nap at home in years, and he only fell asleep at school twice a week during nap time.

Isn’t parenthood fun? You are wrong all the freaking time.

That quiet time was apparently keeping him together. That quiet time is apparently what made him a reasonable human being in the afternoon and evening. That quiet time was apparently keeping me sane.

I had no idea.

Needless to say, as he transitions into his new class, with no quiet time, there have been many tantrums. There have been many meltdowns. There have been many arguments.

Off to school!

More tears have been shed within the last two weeks than he shed in many prior months combined. “But I…mommy…::sob::…Mommy…I can’t…I just can’t…::sob::…” and it was all because his hamburger wasn’t…something. It wasn’t what he wanted for some reason that normally would have meant nothing to him, but now it brings him to full on sobbing uncontrollably.

August 22

He’s lucky he’s cute and sweet and funny when he isn’t actively melting down due to exhaustion. He’s lucky that at bedtime, he tells me how much he loves me, how I’m his “best Mommy” and that he can’t wait to see me when he wakes up. He’s lucky he makes me smile and laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

He’s a really great kid, but man do I hope this transition moves quickly.

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  1. You should have seen Mike and Larry when they both seemed to be in this stage. Stages COME and then GO….as you have noted.

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