Bathroom Stuff

This isn’t a post about that kind of bathroom stuff.

The other day, Alex proudly told me that he used the last of the toilet paper in the bathroom. I wasn’t sure why he was so proud, although I had a suspicion it wasn’t going to be something I wanted to hear about, until he went on to explain that he also changed the roll of toilet paper all by himself.


This is awesome. I told him that it was awesome! I said it was fantastic that he was willing to do that, and that it made me proud.


A little while later, I, too, used the bathroom. And, sure enough, there was a new roll of toilet paper put on just like Alex had said. There was a small problem, though.

The toilet paper was put on the wrong way.

I never did explain the right way to put it on because I was just so happy that he did it.

Plus, I love that he is becoming more and more independent, even if that means that sometimes things won’t be “perfect”.


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Stuff

  1. I am firmly in the paper over the roll while my mom is in the paper behind the roll camp. Scott generally leaves one square of tp on the roll rather than change it. And Juliana complains that my Dad never changes the tp in the main bathroom at my parents house and reportedly has given him lessons… I’m glad you are raising a considerate boy.

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