Six Girlfriends

When it comes to friends at school, Alex primarily spends his days with other boys. There was a short period of time when he told us he had a “school girlfriend” but as soon as they were no longer in the same class, he moved on to the rowdy boys: making believe they are superheroes or Power Rangers, wrestling whenever the teacher turns her back, and building weapon after shooty-weapon out of Legos.

The other day, though, he told me something that he said was very important:

“I have six girlfriends.”

I asked him who they were, and he listed four. “I can’t remember the other two names. But they’re my girlfriends, too.”

Two of his girlfriends were available for a get-together over the weekend at a local farm that has all sorts of fall festivities: glitter face painting (the adults all conveniently didn’t notice that), bounce houses, a petting zoo, hay rides, a corn maze, and much, much, more.

Needless to say, he was psyched to spend the day with some older ladies that he calls girlfriends.

Day at the farm

At some point, I asked him what it meant to have a girlfriend. He wasn’t sure, but he was sure that he had a bunch of them.

Day at the farm

All in all, the kids had a blast at the farm. They found their way out of the corn maze (eventually!), talked nonstop, screamed almost as nonstop, and generally were the well-behaved awesome kids Alex and I are lucky to have in our lives.

“I had a really fun time with them today. I wish we could see them more,” Alex told me as we were driving home late that evening after a night of s’mores, campfire bananas, and a lot of playing, with only a short break for crying when he managed to fall and get stuck in a teeny tiny doll-sized playpen.

Day at the farm

Kid has six girlfriends, and he’s only five. He’s lucky: he’s picked some good ones.

Day at the farm

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