Something Something Something

Time flies when life happens, huh?


I started my new job, which is 95% awesome. (The 5% that isn’t awesome? Commuting from the ‘burbs to my job in the city at rush hour.)

Alex is 95% awesome. (The 5% that isn’t awesome? He’s in a…how to phrase this? Tough phase right now. He’s just…yeah, tough. Often.)

Comfy Box

We have made the official decision to send Alex to Kindergarten in the fall.

Maybe some day I’ll write a real post. A post about all of the hilarious things that the now five-and-a-half year-old says. A post about the struggles we are currently facing getting him to not be scared to try. A post about how Alex made a bowl out of clay, painted it, and was to give it to “someone he loves” for Valentine’s Day, and he gave it to a girl (not me!). A post about just how much Alex cracks me up these days.


Maybe someday. For now, I’m enjoying being home every evening. I’m enjoying spending the most time with my family that I have since I first went back to school when Alex was two.

And, quite frankly, while I wish I had photographic evidence and some written words about these enjoyments, I think it’s pretty important to just live the moments, too.

Snow Fun