These Are The Days

Tomorrow morning is Kindergarten orientation. 

I’m a little freaked out, a little nervous, a bit excited, and highly anxious. Did I mention scared? Because that’s true, too. 

Something about Kindergarten is scary. It’s not yet real school, but it’s the closest we’ve come yet. In our district, it’s a half day program, with an option of “Extended Day” to allow for a full day of sorts. We, obviously, will be doing the full day option, with both of us working full-time, regular-hour, jobs. (And let me tell you: working regular hours has been amazing. I am finally, finally, home every evening. I finally don’t go a day, or two, or three, without seeing Alex due to ridiculous work hours.)

Alex will be in school. Public school. With assignments. And classes. And other students who are also in school, public school, with assignments, and classes. 

He’s really growing up. It’s crazy amazing. 

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A few months ago, I brought up Kindergarten with Alex. I explained the new school thing, exciting new playground, even more friends. I tried to make it sound Super! Exciting!

I must have failed miserably, because for the next few months he would burst into full on sobs any time it was mentioned. In fact, he would start crying even when I didn’t mention it.


Little man broke my heart time and time again. He explained that he likes his current daycare. He likes his friends and doesn’t need new ones. He likes his teachers and doesn’t want new ones. He loves his playgrounds because there are two of them, and they both have benches, and there is a tire swing and regular swings, and a play house, and monkey bars, and a slide…

He told me time and time again that he didn’t want to leave his current school. He wanted to stay there forever.

One night he was crying so hard he was barely breathing, and I have been panicked ever since.

Something changed, and somehow he is now excited about it. I don’t know what happened, but some combination of knowing that some of his favorite friends are in real school already, that half of the day will be in an extended day program that has iPads, and that he will become a “School Aged Kid” like the older children who currently visit with his class during the after school hours to play, has made him okay with it. Some bit of information, or combination of multiple factors, has made starting Kindergarten in a few months okay. Whatever it was, I’m thankful for it.

“Tomorrow I get to see my new school? And then next week I get to go?!…Aw, man! I have to wait until after the summer is over?!”

Not just yet, Alex. You are still a little boy for a few more months.

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