Six, Man

Six, man.

Six is crazy fun.

Farm Time

Alex has adjusted amazingly well to Kindergarten after a pretty rough start, full of tears (his and mine), requests to stay home, and general discontent. He is now full of energy at the end of the day, making amazing progress both academically and socially, and genuinely enjoying his time away from home every day.

His kindergarten picture is a perfect example of this:

Kindergarten School Picture.

And a perfect example of his continued style. Unique, at times dramatic, can only begin to touch the surface of Alex. And six so far has been mostly a pleasure.

Mostly being a key word. Because: SIX, man. He’s full of attitude, learning how to deliberately manipulate, bargaining at every given chance. He fights with us about his clothes on a daily basis. In case you are wondering, none of his pants are okay. In fact, “all of my pants are terrible! And I hate them!

The daily battles regarding clothes are an interesting counter to the fact that he loves blazers and ties.

And I’d love to say his style is just that: style. But ask him on any given day about what he is wearing, and he always has an answer:

“I”m a spy!”
“I’m The Doctor!”
“I’m [insert name of some character from whatever TV show he is currently obsessed with]!”

In other words, he finds a way to wear a costume multiple times a week without actually having to put on a costume, which we would veto.


Six, man. They are tricky little buggers.

He’s lucky he’s so cute and surrounded by so many people who are so full of love.

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