Chatty Alex

Guess who is a very talkative person?

No one who knows me or has met Alex will be surprised to hear that the answer is Alex. Very, very, talkative, six (and a half!) year old Alex.

You don’t even need to have a kid to understand the phenomenon of incessant chatter that comes with many of them. There are times when, other than the occasional “mm hmm” or “yeah?”, I don’t say a single word for 10, 15, 20, minutes and he’s still talking.

Now, I love that he talks. I love that he has so much to say to me, to Zach, his grandparents, his friends, just about anyone who will listen. I especially love that he’s been complimented on the fact that his conversations are interesting. We have conversations about big words, Doctor Who, how things are made, imagining what the future will be like, Lego Marvel, and sometimes just very detailed descriptions of something that happened recently.

The problem with having a loquacious kid? School.

Kindergarten doesn’t like it when kids are loquacious.

Like many kids, Alex has a really hard time not shouting out answers. He knows the answer, he heard a kid get it wrong, so he must say the answer now. He has a really hard time not sharing the amazing thoughts that are forming in his head. He just wants everyone to know.

And I love that he is so excited about answering questions, and sharing his opinion, and letting everyone know about his experience with what they are learning about that day. I love that he isn’t just sitting there, mind wandering off, just making it through the day. He’s engaged! And that’s great!


He keeps getting in trouble for not waiting his turn to speak. For talking out of turn and disrupting the class. Now, I’m talking about being dropped down one on the color scale of behavior for the day: from green to orange. He’s never dropped again to yellow. He’s never come even close to being red. And this has only happened maybe a dozen times all year. Basically, this is a good kid who talks too much. (Hello, little version of childhood Mommy!)

But! It’s an issue because, well, it’s an issue. He’s one of many children in a small room and interrupting is certainly a problem.

So, we have talked about this. Lots of times. Again and again. And this week has been good so far!

The real issue here is that we don’t want to quell his enthusiasm. And I really hope his teacher understands that.

March 1, 2014