I discovered this post sitting in my drafts. It’s from a little over one year ago, and comparing it to the recent hose pictures I am completely blown away by the kid that has emerged in a year.

It’s funny how every at stage of Alex’s life, every few months, I find myself saying, “now he really looks like a kid…” and “oh, no, I mean, now he’s a kid!” I don’t imagine this will change as he continues to grow, change, learn, grow, change, learn, and grow into himself. Grow into the self that I sometimes get a glimpse of: the grown up Alex. The real big Alex.

But these old pictures? Oh man, he was such a little guy still. I mean, look at him now! He looks like he belongs in school, riding bikes, reading, running, talking back…he does all of these things, of course (except riding bikes…we’ve got to teach him that, still!), but he really looks like he does them, too.

So here is an old post that for some reason I never published. Cute, little, Alex.

He may be growing up (too fast), but he is clearly still a little kid.

Backwards Swim Shorts!

He (apparently) still needs me to tell him which way his shorts go on.

Warm Spring Day