My Little Grump

Alex is a grump. He is able to complain about anything. A day does not go by where he doesn’t have multiple complaints about what was done, what wasn’t done, who did what, who didn’t do what, and why that day was not the way he wanted it to be.

Don’t get me wrong: Alex is also a very happy kid. He loves playing. He loves wrestling. He loves spending time with other kids.

But he’s a grump.

I ask him how his day was every day. When I pick him up from school or camp, or if it’s a day at home we discuss our day around dinner time. “What was the best thing about your day?” I learned to ask because asking, “how was your day?” inevitably gets a response of, “TERRIBLE! HORRIBLE! NO GOOD!”

Maybe lots of kids respond this way, but I never cease to be surprised by the negativity: “The best thing about my day was swimming…but the day was ruined when we had to stop swimming” or “the best thing? There was no best thing. It was all terrible” or “I don’t know. I didn’t really like anything we did today.”

There is never not a complaint. Things are never just good. On a rare day, I’ll get a response of, “my day was okay. So-so,” as he gives you one thumb up and one thumb down, or puts his palm down toward the ground and rocks it back in forth in the “so-so” motion.

And lately, that grumpiness is often related to swimming.

Fifth of July Fun

Alex loves being in the water. Last summer, we started taking him to lessons. He had only been in water maybe three or fours times prior to that, so needless to say it took quite a while for him to not be totally freaked out by the whole thing. But now, about a year after he had his first lesson? The kid wants to be swimming all.the.time.

He’s not exactly a Swimmer, either. I finally feel confident that if he is in a pool he won’t, you know, die. But I wouldn’t throw him out in the middle of a deep pool or lake and expect it to end well, either. Fortunately, he has all of the confidence in the world about his swimming abilities when he is able to stand.

And as such? No day is perfect because he didn’t get to spend the entire day in the water.

Today, Alex has a field trip with his summer camp. I asked him this morning how excited he was and his response? “It’s going to be terrible because it’s not a swimming day.”

What a little grump.

Fifth of July Fun

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  1. My son can be like that sometimes. One little thing that didn’t go the way he wanted and the entire day is ruined in his opinion. When we were at Idlewild on Sunday he was crying about how the day was ruined because he didn’t get a soft pretzel while we were there. Oh, the horror! 🙂

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