Summer Fun

Even though he can be a total and complete cranky little grump, Alex is having a pretty awesome summer. Don’t ask him, though, because he will tell you it’s been “fine” or, depending on his mood, “boring” “the same as always” or “bad.” This, of course, is not true. I don’t think I have picked him up after a camp day one time and found him with less than a huge grin on his face as he’s running around playing with new friends.

So far, he has gone to three specialty camps in between weeks of, well, “regular” camp, I suppose. The “regular” camp is hosted by our local community, so he’s surrounded by other kids in his school district, doing arts and crafts, swimming, and spending many hours playing outside at the nearby park. He gets to go swimming three times a week, which is obviously the best part of every week.

The specialty camps have been pretty amazing: one was an outer space theme, one was Castles, Knights, and Dragons, and the one he did last week? Superhero Science. There could not be a more perfect camp for Alex, unless it was Superheros and Wizards and Dr. Who Science Camp. (And don’t worry: Wizard camp is coming up!)

Needless to say, he loved it.

As I picked him up on Friday afternoon, he got into the car and said, “Mom, I miss Superhero Camp.”

July 12

I don’t blame you, Kid. Superhero camp was right in your wheelhouse.

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