I Get It

I get it.

It’s weird. It’s weird that I would become a stay at home mom when my only child is in school full time. It’s weird that I would “abandon” my “career” (something I do not believe is true for many reasons) when my kid doesn’t need me all the time.

I get it.

It doesn’t make sense to leave a fulfilling job in order to not send my son to after school care. It seems strange that I would make the decision to not work, to not show the world that you can be a successful mother and work (something that I strongly believe is true), to resign a perfectly good position in order to volunteer at school, be there on sick days, and to make snow angels on snow days.

I do get it. It is weird.

But this is it. This is what we are doing.

It doesn’t feel real yet. But I know that starting next week, when Zach goes back to work and Alex goes back to school, it will sink in. This is not an extended vacation. This isn’t some amazing luck of the draw where I actually got some time off during the holidays. This is it.

Things are going to be great. Alex is so excited to have more time with me. He’s looking forward to having days at home, having me around when he’s sick, and not having to go to after school every day. Zach is looking forward to is not having to do all the errands on the weekends, and having home cooked meals more regularly. I am looking forward to exercising, getting healthy, and feeling like I’m there for my family.

Two Thousand and Fifteen is going to be an amazing year.

Christmas 2014

4 thoughts on “I Get It

  1. i am super thrilled for you. who cares what others think. this is your life. live it. out loud. your way.
    so much love to you.
    happy new year!

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