Circumspect Alex

Until two weeks ago, Alex has never had a scraped knee.

I don’t remember a time when Alex wasn’t cautious. He’s always been extremely curious about things, but his worry of what might happen should he do them kept him away. His caution on playground equipment, climbing walls, large rocks, you name it!, has kept him pretty safe.

Leave it to this kid, though, to fall while walking and get his first scraped knee.


Because of this fear of hurting himself, he still doesn’t know how to ride a bike. He can’t let himself go fast enough to actually balance, so…he doesn’t. And now? Well, now he knows what happens if you fall on your knee and, “Mooom! I’m not doing that because falling hurts!”

So, the bike sits in the garage and every once in a while I take him out and try to get him to learn and basically I just end up frustrated and he ends up frustrated and we go home angry with each other.

But I wanted him to have some way to get around the neighborhood a little faster, some activity that would be kind of fun if we decide to walk to the ice cream shop this summer, but a bike is no guarantee. Enter: scooter!


He loves this thing.

The knee pads and elbow pads meant that he wasn’t scared, and I’ll make him wear a helmet once he goes faster than my very-slow-leisurely-stroll of a walking pace. So far he just putters along, very proud of himself.

Ever circumspect. Never careless.


2 thoughts on “Circumspect Alex

  1. Ooh, this is just what I’m thinking about for Kenny’s birthday. Only problem is, I know nothing about them and there are a million choices! Any tips?

    1. If you get this twice, I apologize. I thought I replied and now ::poof:: it’s gone.

      So: I probably should have researched his more, but we just went with a Razor that seemed sturdy and would last a while. We had a gift card to Toys R Us, so on a half day we decided to head over to the store and pick one out! The only thing I would say is pay attention to the weight limits because some of them are very low (like 40 or 50 pounds) and you don’t want Kenny to outgrow it quickly.

      (Also: prices on Amazon seem better!)

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