What a Trip

Our flight left on Friday evening and we didn’t return until two weeks (and one day) later.

Here we goooooo. (Sep 11 part 2)

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It was the longest trip I’ve ever been on. By far the longest for Alex, and Zach, too. We’ve been lucky enough to go on a few one week trips, but two weeks is a whole different thing.

Through Paris, we flew into Florence, Italy, where we picked up a rental car and drove into the hills of Tuscany for one week.

The little village we stayed in was wonderful. It was very small, with only a few restaurants, and no grocery store. We had to drive to the “big” town a few kilometers away for the grocery store.

Alex, Zach, and I travelled with Zach’s parents, and met up with two uncles and their wives for the week in Italy. We visited Pisa, Lucca, Florence, and a few small villages. We ate tons of food, and drank a ton of wine.

Selfie time. Obviously. (Sep 14 part 5)

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Our second week was France, leaving behind the uncles and aunts. After Italy, France had a lot to live up to. It didn’t disappoint.

Good morning, Avignon. (Sep 21)

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We are jet lagged, exhausted, surrounded by dirty laundry, and so, so, happy. Experiencing something like this, a two week trip to Europe, is an unbelievable experience.

It still feels surreal.

(More to come. But: jet lag. Laundry. Errands. Over two thousand photos to look through. You know, the normal life stuff.)

Look what we finally found! (Sep 24 part 3)

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