Project 365

I’ve already thought about quitting.

Today is day 27, which means I’m not even a month in.

I’ve contemplated changing the rules.

I haven’t even done it for 1/12 of the time and I want to cheat.

Yesterday I worked in the evening, so my picture-taking-time was limited to the day, in a house, all by myself.

Today it’s raining, so it’s very dark, and we can’t go outside, and and and and. I have lots of excuses.

I think that the last two days, these two days when I really didn’t want to take pictures, have made me think it’ll be worth sticking it out.

There is just something about tiny little cars and kids playing with them. I got two shots that I really enjoy, and that will remind me of this phase of Alex’s life. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Day 26: May 31

Day 27: June 1

I won’t lie. There is a good chance I will make up my own Project 365 rules. I may just steal Michelle’s suggestion and do 365 pictures in a year that I love. That way I can look back and see the amazing pictures that really, truly, mean something to me.


For now? For now I’m sticking with it. At least one picture every day.

And they may be boring. They may be items around the house on a day when I don’t see Alex but for the rush of the morning before school. There may be more random flowers or things blooming. And there will certainly continue to be pictures of toys strewn around our house.

And there will certainly, certainly, be even more pictures of Alex this year than maybe any other year yet. It’s a good thing he’s so gosh darn cute.

Playing with cars

Guilt (But Worth It!)

I decided to take Friday off. I knew that Monday was a holiday and I wouldn’t have to come in, so I figured I’d take Friday off and enjoy a nice long weekend.

Instead of sitting at home, being completely lazy, I figured it would be a good idea to do something. So, I asked a friend to join me in a trip to the zoo.

Alex had school, so I went back and forth thinking about taking him out of school or not. Should I let him enjoy the zoo for the first time this year? Or should I let myself enjoy taking pictures? It really, truly, was a tough call.

With the zoom lens Zach bought me for Christmas in hand, I made the decision to keep Alex in school. We dealt with the hot day and wandered around the busy, busy, zoo.

I felt some guilt as I looked at all of the animals. “Alex would love this!” I kept thinking. And he would have, but I wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunities to sit and take tons of pictures of animals. Alex never would have been willing to stand still while I click-click-clicked.

And I gotta say, it was totally worth the guilt.



The tigers! I had no idea that we have four tigers and that they do anything other than sleep and pace.

Day 20: May 25

I picked Alex up early that day, and we looked through the pictures I took. He frowned, saying that he wished I had brought him with me. When I explained that literally all we did was take pictures? He was okay with that. “I don’t like when you take pictures. Pictures are boring.”

Hot Days

Now I just have to hope that the next time I go, this time with Alex, the polar bears are in the water. Because the polar bears were awesome.

"You guys are so embarrassing."

Sexy bear

(I took Alex out for ice cream that day. Any hard feelings were instantly gone.)


Yesterday morning, Alex and the 20-ish other children in his class “graduated.”

He will stay in the same room, with most of the same children, until the end of the summer.


But in the fall? In the fall he will move on. He will go one class up, to the “K-kids” classroom, with two new teachers and a Kindergarten curriculum. He will, as he is now, be the youngest in the class. And at the end of the year, he will have options. It is that option that makes me know that no matter what, everything will be okay.

After the “graduation ceremony,” he got to spend the rest of the day with his grandparents, with a new toy and the promise to play quietly while they both worked from home.

My little man, the preschool graduating class of 2012.

Day 19: May 24

One last summer to go before I can can feel like I don’t need to put quotations around “school.” It really will be school.

Cheap Works!

It was hot on Sunday. Very hot.

Now, I love the heat. I don’t care that I turn into a sweaty, frizzy, mess. It doesn’t bother me that my face is instantly shiny. Who cares that I am less comfortable wearing summer clothes? I’ll take that over being cold any day.

Alex, however, seems to have taken Zach’s stance on the whole heat-issue: extreme hatred.

I’ve never heard a kid complain so loudly about the heat. “The sun is too hot. I don’t like being outside when it’s hot out. It makes me too sweaty. The sun hurts my eyes!” All in a super whiny, gonna-rip-my-hair-out, voice. He just doesn’t like it.

So, what am I to do on a day when all I want to do is be outside and all Alex wants to do is be in air conditioning?

Run an errand to the hardware store and buy a sprinkler!

Problem solved.

Sprinkler Fun

It’s amazing that something so cheap could bring so much joy and hours of fun. Of course, the first thing Alex said after running through it, giggling and smiling, was, “Mommy, this isn’t as fun as Alexis’ water thingy.”

But he very quickly forgot about the existence of the coolest inflatable water slide ever.

Sprinkler Fun

Who knew water flying into the sky and then falling back down could be that entertaining?

Eight bucks well spent.

Day 15: May 20

A Goal

So, I mentioned that I took a photography class and I figured the best thing I could do would be to practice what I learned, right? Nothing will help you retain what you’ve been taught like actually using those lessons.

I’ve taken at least 2 pictures every day for the last two weeks now. A few days were last minute “oh-my-god-I-need-to-take-some-picture” days. Many days were just me taking pictures of…life.

Life happens, and it’s pretty cool.

Day 14: May 19

Even the most mundane thing has been on my camera these days. I used to only take pictures of events. Now I just capture.

So, Project 365 is a go. I think I can state that two weeks in I’m pretty happy so far.

Alex, on the other hand, is not. “Don’t take my picture! I don’t want that camera here!”

He really doesn’t enjoy the camera in his face. At best, he will look at me and make a funny face.


At worst, he just runs away each and every time I put the camera up to my face.

Sprinkler Fun

But that’s okay.

His butt is pretty cute.

Why Can’t I Look Cute?

I am a slob. Especially compared to my son. I throw on jeans and a t-shirt and call myself dressed 99% of the time. It’s a wonder I can get Alex dressed so well every day when I can’t manage to find a single nice outfit for myself. His clothes selection is amazing, from over 15 polo shirts and 8 pairs of jeans, to multiple jackets and converse sneakers (in navy). Everything is teeny tiny so it’s 100 times cuter than on an adult.

Needless to say, in comparison I always look like crap. Utter crap. Even on the days when I try to get dressed up, when I blow dry my hair and put on make up, I still look like I just can’t get it together. I do my best to look cute, to look like I care about what I look like. (You know, I secretly desire to be a MILF. Shhh. Don’t tell!) When you can’t fit into 3/4 of your clothes, though, you have problem numero uno. When you find something to put on, but you have to compete with a baby wearing an adorable hat and shorts that match, you have problem numero dos. And numero dos is a big problem.

But how can I compete?

"Smile for the camera!"

Happy with daddy


How can you not love a teeny tiny polo? Or teeny tiny Converses? Seriously, this kid has it made in the style department. Here I am, not quite a slob but definitely not looking my best, next to him, wearing his Rugby Polo:

Mama and Baby

Although, to be honest, he isn’t always well dressed. Take yesterday morning for example:

Who needs pants and a pair of socks?

No pants and only one sock and he still beat me on the cuteness factor. Not much can compete with a baby, I’ve learned.