The Eighteen Month Bet

This morning I asked Zach to make a bet with me. I wanted to bet on what Alex’s weight and height statistics would be at his eighteen month check-up.

“I think he weighs 26 pounds 5 ounces!” I said.

I was wrong.

He weighed in at 25 pounds 13 ounces.

Zach took a guess at his height: “39 inches.”

When I laughed, he lowered his guess to 36 inches.

My guess for height was spot on. Alex is 35.5 inches tall, which is above the 97th percentile, making him, as per usual since his two month check-up, long and lean.

Even though Zach won the weight bet simply by the fact that he bet one ounce lower than I did and was therefore closer, I consider it my win.

I guess, really, it’s Alex’s win. He’s a toddler now, so he wins every. single. time.

Serious Face

One Point Five

Dearest, Darlingest, Alex:

Today marks the day that you are no longer a baby. You are officially a toddler.

Exactly 18 months ago you were born. You were tiny (well, relatively, you ginormous-newborn you), completely unable to do anything for yourself, and you melted my heart the second I saw you.

Since you were born we have had good times and bad. You went from never sleeping, to sleeping 11 hours solidly every night, to, again, never sleeping (let’s work on that never sleeping thing, okay?). You went from uncontrolled and jerky movements to running and jumping to your heart’s content. You went from making nothing but a few gurgling noises to having an ever-expanding vocabulary. You went from nursing exclusively to eating anything and everything that is put in front of you. You went from 9 pounds and 12 ounces to at least 26 pounds and from 21 inches to at least 35 (we will know when we go in for your 18-month check up in a few days). You went from just barely being able to hold your head upright to walking up and down steps (sure, they are tiny steps but it still is impressive!) like a normal person.

While I have been referring to you as a toddler for some time now, I’m sure that I will forever and ever call you my baby.

I love you baby boy. Happy One Point Five!

18 month photos