Vacation By The Numbers and Pictures

10 hour drive from Pittsburgh to Boston

9 hours that Alex spent sleeping on the drive from Pittsburgh to Boston overnight

1 amazing lunch in Harvard Square with the wonderful Sarah and her boyfriend, Andy

1 night out on the town with Sarah and a few friends

200 ounces of beer shared between five people in a beer “tower”

3 tiny little finger nails that drew blood on the side of my nose (thanks, Alex)

2 people that ended up whimpering because of that scratch

9 hours in the sun in New Hampshire at a family gathering

200 hugs and kisses for all of the family members

5 short naps for Alex throughout the day

30 sips from a straw in a juice box at Legal Sea Food by Alex

6 pictures taken of the first juice box adventure

13 hours spent coming back to Pittsburgh from Boston

7000 tears shed by Alex on the drive back from Boston

3 million calories eaten on the drive to Boston and back (thank you Wendy’s and McDonald’s!)

1 new (to us!) Honda Pilot

Posing with Sarah in front of a beer truck

"Walking" with Andy

Alex being cute in his outfit