A quick end to a starter

Yesterday, I decided that I am going to make bread. Why not? If not for every day use, at least once in a while. I have made bread in the past, and it is always unbelievably good. There is just something special about home made bread that you can’t find in the store-bought variety.

So, I went to the store today, carrying Alex in one arm, not wanting to bother putting him in a sling to just run inside, and bought some yeast and bread flour. Carrying an almost-18 pound baby in one arm, bending all the way to the bottom shelf to pick up two bags of bread flour, and then reaching up to the top shelf to grab the yeast was, well, not fun. My arms hurt.

Anyway, I came home and mixed 2 cups of flour with 2 cups of warm water and added the yeast. I followed some advice I had found online about the initial fermentation of a sourdough starter and placed the flour-water-yeast mixture into the oven with the pilot light on. It started bubbling and growing within 30 minutes. I could tell that this would be a good starter, and I was excited about making some bread in the near future!

At the beginning of my Religions of the World class this evening I got a text message from Zach:

“I think I may have ruined your starter :-(”

I knew right away what that meant:


Needless to say, I’ll have to make another starter (and purchase a new plastic mixing bowl)!