Adventures Of Crying Baby

We live in a very interesting apartment building. There are many elderly people, a lot of small families, and quite a few students. On our floor we have an older couple who likes to take walks with walking sticks, a young couple with a giant dog (the giant dog in an apartment complex don’t add up in my opinion), our 20-something neighbors who like to throw parties and smoke a lot of weed, and, my favorite, the baby in the apartment attached to ours.

Said baby likes to cry. All. The. Time. Before Alex was born, I was petrified. If a 15-month old cries all the time, what is a newborn going to be like? Fortunately, I had a lot of experience with young children and knew that most of them did not cry all the time.

When we brought Alex home from the hospital, he never cried. I distinctly remember the one night when he did, and how he was inconsolable for about 20 minutes (Yes, I’m really lucky, I know). He was less than a week old. Before the crying started, during the crying, and for long after the crying, there was another baby crying. Crying Baby was having a fit.

Another fit.

I don’t know why Crying Baby is always crying. She cries in the morning during breakfast, she cries all day long, and then she cries all night long. It’s almost constant.

For the first five months, Alex slept in our room with us. Our bedroom must be right next to the Crying Baby bedroom because we would hear this baby crying all night long. I’m convinced that one of the reasons Alex continued to wake up so much during the night was because of the incessant crying coming through the walls.

Maybe the parents just ignore Crying Baby. Maybe they believe in not responding to a baby when she cries. Perhaps it is part of the way they were raised. I never hear them consoling Crying Baby. I never even hear them with Crying Baby.

Whatever the reason is that Crying Baby is disturbing my sleep, I hope it stops soon. She must be over two years old now. She walks, she talks (in two languages, mind you), she’s ready to stop crying all of the time.

Standing Man