This year, more than ever before, I am thankful for my and my family’s overall health. While there have been a number of scary moments throughout the past year, including my own surgery, Alex’s struggling to breath, Zach’s father spending a week in the hospital, and my great aunt being diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, I am thankful that we were all helped. We have health insurance, and for that I am thankful. We have the ability to pay for what isn’t covered, and for that I am thankful. We have each other, a support system, and for that I am very thankful.

I have only been in nursing school for three months, but I have spent over 300 hours working with patients in the hospital. Some are relatively healthy, most are not. Some have family, a lot do not. Some have health insurance, others will be bankrupt after they leave the hospital and receive the bill. Some got better, a few did not.

This year, I am thankful for what I can do. It may not be much as a student nurse, but I have witnessed firsthand what a difference the little I can do makes to a patient. From helping with a bath and changing sheets, to actually listening to what they have to say and going out of my way to get them food that they will consume, to giving them pain medication when their nurse is struggling to keep up with her patient load.

I am grateful that I live the way I do: with Zach and Alex, in a good neighborhood, near my mother and soon near Zach’s parents. We may struggle, but at the end of the day we have food in our bellies, clothes on our back, and a really, amazingly, wonderful life.

Today, I am thankful for a lot.

Today, I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. And I am thankful that my mother came over early to help me prepare.

Today, Alex said “tankooo” about 50 times. And for that? I am thankful. Those simple words tell me that he is happy, healthy, and becoming a wonderful little man.

Two years ago, we celebrated Alex’s first Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving 2007

This year we had a friend of the family over with her son. And for the first time, I witnessed Alex truly interacting with another child. They spent almost the entire afternoon and evening playing together, and for that? I am thankful.


I am thankful regardless of the fact that a large chunk of that “interacting” was…active, let’s say.


And for the record, I’m also thankful for sweater vests and the simple pleasure that a paper napkin can bring to a toddler.


My Weekend Was Hawt, Too

I already mentioned how Amazingly Amazing those ‘Burgh Mom bloggers are. It was the perfect way to start my wonderful weekend.

After dinner, I had a nice (seriously!) drive to the airport to pick up my closest friend, Sarah. Sarah and I went to Smith together, and fell in love the day we first grabbed a cup of coffee and talked for hours. She is kind, beautiful, sincere, hilarious and an unbelievably good friend. It had been over six months since we had last seen each other, so it was a fantastic reunion.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, Alex woke up with a pretty high fever out of nowhere on Saturday morning. He was out of it, groggy, and clearly in pain all day long. His fever stayed between 100 and 102 all day, and it was so sad to not be able to play with him. Our zoo plans were scrapped. Instead we stayed in all day, talking and catching up while Alex slept on and off. I felt awful, but with Sarah only in town for so long I let my Mother babysit him so that we could go out that evening.

Over a three hour dinner, we had a blast. We never run out of things to talk about, even if it is simply discussing what drugs we think our waitress is on, and why she keeps calling us “Lovers.” And, as always, there was not enough time in the weekend.

She left this afternoon, and we both cried. I know I’ll see her again, but with the upcoming move to California it’s hard to say how soon that will be. Not having her around is hard, immensely hard, but I’m lucky to have such an amazing friend in my life.

Even though Alex remained sickly all weekend, and successfully threw up all over me this evening before bed, it was still a wonderful few days.

Florida, two years ago

That was in Florida, about two years ago. Even though it’s not the most flattering picture of either of us (and my hair is blonde!) I can’t help but smile whenever I see it. I love that girl!