I Almost Created a Monster

I’ve been meaning to get Alex’s haircut for, uh, 2 months? His hair grows really fast, and with how thick and uncooperative it is, the second it has the ability to reach his eyes it won’t be found anywhere else. Brush it to the side? It falls right back into the position it wants to be in.

While I was visiting Sarah two weeks ago, my mom took the liberty of trimming the front of his hair. I would have cared if he wasn’t in dire need of it. And, quite frankly, his hair grows so fast that even if she had buzzed it I probably would have still needed to schedule another haircut in the next few weeks. The hair was out of his eyes, so I went on with my life for another two weeks before finally finding the time (and fourteen bucks) to get it cut professionally.

The only problem with those extra two weeks while I waited to schedule his haircut was what happened with Alex’s look. What once was just messy, outgrown, hair, had become a…a… mullet. Not a full, real, classic Pittsburgher loving mullet, but it was obviously shorter in the front and much longer in the back. My poor kid was turning into such a Pittsburgher. Once I realized that, I scheduled his haircut.

Behold, new and improved Alexander! No mullet!

"Come Over Here, Mommy!"

Birthday Hair

I got my hair cut last week. It was the first haircut I’ve had in a long time where I walked away saying, “Wow! I love this!” The stylist was great, complimented my hair numerous times, and took the time to tell me how to blow dry my hair properly.

On Thursday night, I decided it was time for a change in color. I haven’t dyed my hair since before I found out I was pregnant with Alex. Needless to say, it was a mess. The last few inches of it were still dark red, while the rest was my natural color: mousy brown. I figured with a new cut and my graduation party the next day it was the perfect time to make a change.

While it’s a little redder than I was expecting, I like it.

So, now I have new hair. New hair that helped me celebrate my graduation on Friday night and new hair that will be there with me to celebrate my Birthday tomorrow.


I took Alex to his second haircut yesterday. I couldn’t believe how long it had gotten since the last haircut. That boy sure can grow hair!

Alex Hair

The stylist took it a bit shorter than I had wanted, and left the top a bit longer than I had wanted. He has a bit of a “poof” on the top. At the rate his hair grows, though, I’m sure I’ll be getting it cut soon enough.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Hair Cut in a Taxi?

Seriously, Little Snips hair salon is awesome. They have cute little chairs that the little ones can sit in while they get their hair cut, for starters. Alex got to sit in a tiny little yellow taxi cab while the wonderful hair stylist cut his hair. They also had an air plane and a tractor, booster seats for children, and lots of great toys for all ages (including a TV at each station).

First Hair Cut #1

First Hair Cut #2

First Hair cut #3

"Driving" the taxi

Wonderful hair dresser!

New Hair!

Spikey Hair!

Alex looks so cute with his new little boy hair cut. I’m glad I made the momentous decision to have it cut.