Do Goodery

During my second year of college my cat died. I found out when I called my mom to catch up. I was sitting outside of a coffee shop, on the side of the street, and I just started bawling. Most people ignored me, probably assuming it was the polite thing to do; however, an older woman approached me and asked me if I was okay. Before I answered, she handed me a tissue and said, “I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I promise things will get better.” She returned a few minutes later with a chocolate chip cookie from the coffee shop and a big smile. She handed me the cookie and left, without saying a word.

I have no idea who that woman was. I never saw her again, and I will likely never find out who she is. These past few weeks I’ve been thinking about that woman, and what a difference she made in my life that one day years ago.

For weeks now I have wanted to share what my day will be like tomorrow.

I have been in classes, taking tests, writing papers, and completing 180 hours of clinical at a hospital. Life is busy, but for weeks now I have looked forward to tomorrow. It has helped me get through some long, long, days.

Tomorrow I am going to get together with six really amazing women and spend the day doing nice things. We are giving away all sorts of fun stuff with the premise that by doing something good for someone they will then turn around and do something good for someone else. It’s contagious, you know. Small acts of kindness can go a long way, and we plan on spreading a lot of kindness.

Thanks to 77Kids, an American Eagle Brand (did you know they are based in Pittsburgh? Gotta love ’em!), and TheMotherhood we are going to have this amazing opportunity to partake in hours worth of shenanigans.

I am so unbelievably excited to have this opportunity, especially because I get to share it with these lovely ladies:

Michelle of Burgh Baby
Dina of Fries on Top??
Firemom of Stop, Drop and Blog
Gina of My very last nerve’
Laura of With love from Pittsburgh
Virginia of That’s Church

I know you’re jealous. I would be too.

If you are in or around Pittsburgh, we will be at the Carnegie Science Center starting at 11am tomorrow. Come join the fun! Come enjoy being the recipient of some do goodery, and do some goodery of your own. Even if you can’t come, do something good tomorrow. You never know what your one act of kindness can mean to someone.

While I am being compensated for my time, this is not a sponsored post. Plus, I would do it regardless of compensation. 77Kids is awesome, and what could be more fun than spending the day making people happy?

My Little (and Dirty) Scaredy Cat

Alex is such a scaredy cat. There have been the rare occurrences that include him going down a slide, but for the most part slides seem to scare him quite a bit.

Our trip to the Zoo with some lovely Burgh Moms on Saturday was a blast. How could it not be? Four kids between 20 months and just over 3? Awesome.


There were a few meltdowns, but considering how long we were there the kids were fabulous.

And, of course, Alex was the only kid who wouldn’t go anywhere near the slide. When Kelly offered to even go down the slide with him, Alex screamed “NO!” He really, really, didn’t want to go down the slide. But the other kids had a blast climbing up the incline and then going down it, fortunately never managing to kick my likes-to-stand-and-sit-on-the-end-of-the-slide kid in the face. (Or maybe Burgh Baby is right: When he does get kicked in the face he’ll finally learn.)

Instead of playing at the playground by, you know, playing with the playground equipment, Alex decided that the mulch was much more fun. He ended up getting a bit dirty (this picture doesn’t quite show the fact that he not only tried to eat the mulch, but he also made a shampoo out of it). But he was thoroughly enjoying himself, and for the most part was distracted from entering the tunnel maze that I was convinced he was going to get lost in. No way could my smaller-than-it-used-to-be-but-still-big butt fit in there.

Playing with mulch

And what would a day to the zoo with four young kids be without a group shot?

Group Shot

This day made me happy. The cuteness alone was enough, but being able to spend some time with some awesome Burgh Moms made it even better. Even if most of that time we were distracted by chasing our children.

Reason Number 562 That Blogging Rocks

Because of the amazingness that was the ‘burgh mommy blogger meet-up, Zach and I have found a place to move! Kim is letting us rent her house that is on the market!

Pretty sweet, huh?

I can’t wait to move in. It’s bigger than our current place, and Zach will have what he refers to as a “rumpus room” or “cave.” As an added bonus, I’ll hopefully get to grow some yummy vegetables!

Alex, of course, is thrilled with the decision. What boy wouldn’t want a yard to play in and some home grown veggies?

Such a happy kid

Mommy Bloggers Are Hawt

I have never met such a wonderful group of women. On Friday, May 23rd, eight wonderfully funny and amazingly beautiful blogging moms met up for dinner. Obviously, I was super nervous. Burgh Baby’s Mom threatened to kill me with sarcasm over Twitter, and I could tell that they were all far too cool for me.

Well, they were all too cool for me. In fact, you probably should just read their wonderful accounts of this evening: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. Seriously, they are all way funnier and better writers than I can ever aspire to be, so check ’em out!

What a wonderful evening. There was a wide array of ages and work statuses, number and ages of kids, and only one type of awesomeness (really freakin’ awesome). I shamelessly and unapologetically stole this picture from the wonderful Jen:

Shamelessly Stolen Photo

From left to right: Jen, Karen, Gina (who is beyond fantastic because not only did she share with us a story that involved a hooker, but also because she brought us a horses ass made out of chocolate!), Kim, Michelle, Yours Truly (don’t mind the triple chin and saggy belly), Irene, and Susan! Hopefully the other wonderful ‘Burgh gals can make it out next time.

I can’t wait to see all of these wonderful ladies again (hopefully soon! It’s all up to YOU!).