Overheard in Pittsburgh Part 2

The scene: Human Growth and Development class. We are discussing adulthood, ages 40-65.

Professor: “Why do you think married couples have less sex during this stage of their life?”

Girl #1: “‘Cause their bodies be triflin’.”

Girl #2: “‘Cause the dude can’t get it up.”

Words of wisdom. Again.

Overheard in Pittsburgh

I was walking to class this morning directly behind two young women. They looked very young, so I’m guessing they were probably prospective students or freshman. One was wearing a mini skirt, tank top, and flip flops. The other had on a winter jacket.

Girl #1: I was talking to Jared, and he says there is no way that is true.
Girl #2: Jared doesn’t know everything, you know. Maybe he’s covering for her.
Girl #1: I just don’t believe it. She wouldn’t do something like that!
Girl #2: It’s totally true! She is such a slut.
Girl #1: But she’s just so…nice!
Girl #2: Nice people can be sluts too, you know.

Words of wisdom.