The Plague

It’s official. The plague has swept through our house.

First, Alex was sick for about two weeks. The first few days of the illness included no sleep, constant nose drainage, lots of coughing, and perpetual clinginess. After that he was only mildly clingy and had a nose that wouldn’t stop running.

Next, Zach got ill. He had a fever, a bad cough, and couldn’t breath because of all of the mucous. He was so bad he even had to stay home from work.

Then it hit me. I woke up yesterday feeling like I had an antelope in my throat. The antelope was clearly angering the bird that had appeared the night before. Those bird feathers tickle like crazy, and the antelope just made the bird claustrophobic with his big antlers stabbing into my throat.

Today is slightly better. I have cookies to make for the cookie swap on Saturday, so I must be better in order to do that. I will not miss out on the awesomeness that is the Burgh Moms and what I’m sure will be amazing cookies. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Send angry notes to the antelope and bird, please. Scare them out of my throat.

Overheard in Pittsburgh Part 2

The scene: Human Growth and Development class. We are discussing adulthood, ages 40-65.

Professor: “Why do you think married couples have less sex during this stage of their life?”

Girl #1: “‘Cause their bodies be triflin’.”

Girl #2: “‘Cause the dude can’t get it up.”

Words of wisdom. Again.

Overheard in Pittsburgh

I was walking to class this morning directly behind two young women. They looked very young, so I’m guessing they were probably prospective students or freshman. One was wearing a mini skirt, tank top, and flip flops. The other had on a winter jacket.

Girl #1: I was talking to Jared, and he says there is no way that is true.
Girl #2: Jared doesn’t know everything, you know. Maybe he’s covering for her.
Girl #1: I just don’t believe it. She wouldn’t do something like that!
Girl #2: It’s totally true! She is such a slut.
Girl #1: But she’s just so…nice!
Girl #2: Nice people can be sluts too, you know.

Words of wisdom.

Movers Are Coming!

Tomorrow morning the movers are coming. We are finishing up the packing, and enjoying our last night in this apartment building:

Our (almost) Old Apartment

It wasn’t the worst place to live, but the list of bad things certainly outweighs the list of good:

  • Random fire alarms
  • Random power outages
  • No water a few times
  • Brown water a few times
  • Horrible air conditioning that doesn’t work
  • Greenhouse effect because of the stupid not insulated glass windows
  • Elevators that broke all the time
  • Having to take an elevator
  • Having to hear said elevator every time it passes our floor through our walls
  • Dirty carpet
  • Electric stove (not a nice one, either)
  • Metal cabinets in the kitchen
  • Fluctuating water temperatures
  • Noisy neighbors
  • Crying Baby neighbor
  • Obnoxious person below us complained about us being noisy at 8 pm on a Friday night
  • Creepy old people
  • Creepy old person who tells me to get Alex away from her because she hasn’t taken her “pill”

It wasn’t all bad, though:

  • There is an insane amount of closet space
  • It is a very spacious 2 bedroom apartment
  • Ummm…

I can’t wait to move!

Silent Night

Monday night. 11:05 PM. I’m in bed only slightly later than I had hoped. The fan is blowing, I see the faint glow of the living room down the hall, and I shut my eyes. I am ready to fall asleep after a very long day.

Suddenly, there is a whir, a flicker of lights, and everything stops. It’s dark. It’s silent. It’s weird.

I slowly make my way back to the living room, unable to see anything. Buzz. It’s so dark. Buzz. We keep all of the blinds in our apartment shut to avoid the greenhouse effect (seriously), so to get some light in we open them. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. City light shines in and we can see silhouetted tables and chairs.

Buzz. Someone is freaking out in the elevator. I don’t blame them, I would freak out if I got stuck in the elevator during a power outage. Buzz “But seriously, if they wake Alex up I’m going to rip them a new one.”

I get back in bed. It’s so dark. It’s so quiet. Buzz. Except for the occasional buzzing. My ears are ringing. How do I make my ears stop ringing? It’s so quiet! I open the blinds in our bedroom to let some city light in. Buzz. I open the window for noise. No air comes through our windows because we seem to miraculously have no wind. I can hear the busses below start and stop their engines. Finally, some sound.

I close my eyes. It’s so quiet. Buzz. The person is still freaking out in the elevator. I’m freaked out by how quiet it still is. A car drives by and I wish it would drive by again and again and again.

It’s sometime after 1:00 AM. There is a shake and a whir. The air conditioning is on, the fan is blowing on my feet, the alarm clock is emitting light. I can sleep. Finally.

How do people live in the middle of nowhere? How do you live where it is dark and so very quiet? When I first went to college I remember how dark and quiet it was there. At night, unless you were right in the middle of downtown Northampton, it was pitch black. As long as you were away from the college, there was no sound but the crickets. I eventually slept with a fan year round.

Reason Number 562 That Blogging Rocks

Because of the amazingness that was the ‘burgh mommy blogger meet-up, Zach and I have found a place to move! Kim is letting us rent her house that is on the market!

Pretty sweet, huh?

I can’t wait to move in. It’s bigger than our current place, and Zach will have what he refers to as a “rumpus room” or “cave.” As an added bonus, I’ll hopefully get to grow some yummy vegetables!

Alex, of course, is thrilled with the decision. What boy wouldn’t want a yard to play in and some home grown veggies?

Such a happy kid

When Moving Becomes Not So Much Across The Country

Californ-i-a, here we don’t come. Sorry.

Short story: Zach got the same job offer here in Pittsburgh that he had received in Mountain View. Same company, same benefits, cheaper location. The decision was hard, but I think we made the right one.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m excited to be staying, but sad to missing out on the opportunity to move to California.

So, hello old friends! free babysitting! a city I know like the back of my hand! a nicer apartment (hopefully)! a nicer neighborhood (maybe)! decreasing our debt! Pittsburgh-baby Alexander! familial stress! same ol’ same ol’!

So, goodbye new opportunities! beautiful weather! farmer’s markets daily! a drive to my Uncle’s! taking walks every day! getting a tan! California-baby Alexander! progressive state! crappy apartment! now knowing anyone! anxiety! increased debt!

Most importantly: ‘Bye Arnold! I was so looking forward to having you as my governator!