Obsessed? Maybe.


Showing off all of his teeth. There are now 8, four on the bottom and four on the top. My guess is that the molars aren’t far off, because he’s putting everything in the back of his mouth and chomping these days. And the drool. Oh the drool!

Alex already loves Catch Phrase. He’s going to fit into the family so well as he gets older! Once he’s old enough, he, too, can turn it into a fun game to play while you are having some drinks.


Always a curious child. (There was nothing under there, in case you were wondering.)


Every time I see this picture, I just imagine what’s going through his head: “I have the giraffe! If you don’t give me 2 bananas in the next five minutes he’ll be gone!”


Right after I took this picture, I found something in his mouth. I have no idea what it was, or where he got it. He was not amused when I dug my fingers in his mouth to retrieve it.

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”

Mother’s Day

Well, my very first Mother’s Day is coming to a close. Alex was very well behaved for all but the hour and a half I spent trying to get him down for his afternoon nap only to wake up ten minutes later. Fortunately bed time was as smooth as I could have ever asked for, with the exception of him putting himself to sleep, of course.

On Thursday, my Mother brought me a Mother’s Day balloon, which Alex adored:

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mama Day

Day 9

There is nothing like seeing a smile on your child’s face to make Mother’s Day perfect!

I received a cute bag full of travel size lotions and body washes, and Zach got me Juno and Sweeney Todd, both movies that I absolutely adore. We watched Juno last night laying in bed, and, like any movie that has anything to do with having a baby, I teared up. Literally, any movie. Honestly, I could start crying during a commercial about giving birth if I didn’t hold myself back. What has Motherhood done to me? I digress…

The wine my Mom brought over on Saturday night was not only very good, but also came in an awesome bottle (in fact, I’m pretty sure that is the reason she bought it!):

Day 8

And, like I mentioned before, Alex doesn’t need real toys. He loves a good water bottle:

Enjoying the water bottle

My Little Chef

Alex can’t wait to help out in the kitchen. Look how he adores his kitchen supplies:

Day 7

He’s got measuring cups, measuring spoons, a kitchen towel, a pot and a spatula. And he loves every one of them. Who needs baby toys? Really he doesn’t enjoy his baby toys. He’ll play with one or two for a few minutes, but he will play with kitchen supplies, towels, real cell phones, wires, trash baskets, trash, sunglasses, glasses, water bottles, etc. for much longer. You can set him down with an empty water bottle and he’ll be content to play with it for half an hour!

Funny Face

I took about five pictures, and by the fifth he was getting a little frustrated with all the flashes. I love the faces he makes, always letting you know exactly what is on his mind. Happy? Smiles and giggles. Tired? Rubbing eyes, yawning and staring. Frustrated? Little faces that say “c’mon, stop with that!”

Barenaked Ladies Snacktime Arrived!

Day 6My CD arrived, and it is oh so excellent. Talk about some awesome children’s music! Seriously, the Barenaked Ladies are absolutely amazing. Each one of them is a dad, and between the band members they have eleven children. Clearly this album was for them as much as it was for the fans (or the fans children). The lyrics to the songs are all catchy and creative, and very funny. The music is fitting, upbeat and entertaining. Check out some lyrics:

I like my big sister
But I don’t want to wear her cost
It may be black,
It may fit perfect,
But you and I both know it’s a girl’s coat

Now I can handle some hand me downs
But shirts and sandals are out of bounds
Balls and games and such I don’t mind
But a coat is over the line.

I can’t wait to listen to it tomorrow while playing with Alex.