Fourth Of July Madness

I made the cutest cake for the Fourth of July:

Not only was it very pretty, if I do say so myself, but it was delicious, too! I actually made two of them. One full sized one, pictured, and two small ones. They were a perfect way to celebrate!

Fourth of July Cake

In true American celebratory spirit, I also drank a bit too much. Yesterday morning my brain was not happy with my behavior the night before and decided to take it out on my temples and eyeballs. Becoming a Mother seems to have aged me very quickly.

In other news, Alex may be the next Schwarzenegger:

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

Alex takes on the weights

…or maybe not. I don’t think Arnold ever ate his weights.

When Moving Becomes Not So Much Across The Country

Californ-i-a, here we don’t come. Sorry.

Short story: Zach got the same job offer here in Pittsburgh that he had received in Mountain View. Same company, same benefits, cheaper location. The decision was hard, but I think we made the right one.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’m excited to be staying, but sad to missing out on the opportunity to move to California.

So, hello old friends! free babysitting! a city I know like the back of my hand! a nicer apartment (hopefully)! a nicer neighborhood (maybe)! decreasing our debt! Pittsburgh-baby Alexander! familial stress! same ol’ same ol’!

So, goodbye new opportunities! beautiful weather! farmer’s markets daily! a drive to my Uncle’s! taking walks every day! getting a tan! California-baby Alexander! progressive state! crappy apartment! now knowing anyone! anxiety! increased debt!

Most importantly: ‘Bye Arnold! I was so looking forward to having you as my governator!