The Darndest Things

Me: Let’s play hide and seek! I’ll count to ten, and you go hide. Then I’ll come find you!
Alex: ::running away:: Otay! I be hiding!
Me: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ready or not, here I come!
Alex: ::running towards me:: Heaw I am!

I don’t think he quite grasps the concept.

Me: I love you.
Alex: You wuv me?
Me: Very much.
Alex: Thanks.

Me: Alex, you’re so cute!
Alex: Noooo…I not cute, you’re cute!
Me: Aw, thanks. But seriously…how did you get to be so cute? I guess it’s in your genes.
Alex: ::looks down at his pants, puts his hands in his pocket, pulls out a quarter:: Dis? You gave me dis in my pants? It’s so cwute!

Alex: Ick. I don’t wike dis cheese.
Me: That’s probably because it’s sharp.
Alex: Oh! Oww…it’s sharp! Oww! Yucky cheese. ::puts his hand near it:: Ow! Sharp!

In the middle of doing just about anything: “Mommy, you wike dis? You wike dis movie/food/game?”

Me: Alex, are you are a boy or a girl?
Alex: I’m a boy!
Me: Is daddy a boy or a girl?
Alex: Daddy’s a boy! He’s a good boy.
Me: Am I a boy or a girl?
Alex: Noooo…you’re just mommy!
Me: I’m not a girl?
Alex: No!
Me: If daddy’s a good boy, can I be a good girl?
Alex: Noooo…you’re mommy! You’re not a good girl. [Name of girl at daycare] is a good girl!
Me: But I’m not? I’m not a girl?
Alex: No. You’re silly. You’re just mommy.

Me: ::walking downstairs after getting ready for the day:: Hi, buddy!
Alex: Hi, mommy! Ooooh…you’re pwetty!
Me: Aw, thanks, sweetie! You’re pretty, too!
Alex: Nooooo…I not pwetty. I’m cwute!

Me: Alex, are you hungry? Do you want your snack?
Alex: No. I’m fine. I’m just playing. Are you hungry?


More Words? …Or Not.

I keep thinking Alex has new words, but then I can’t get him to say them again. Or at least not around anyone else, so then I have to question my sanity. (“Can he really say it? Or am I just imagining that he is?”)

He says “keys” but it sounds much more like “gis.”
He says “banana” but it is simply “nana.”

Today? I swear he said “cheese” when I gave him some cheese and crackers for a snack. “Chiz. Chiz. Chiz.”

But now I think maybe I’m crazy. The only word that he is consistent about is “baba” for B-O-T-T-L-E. And he is slowly having the B-O-T-T-L-E taken away from him (I can only spell it now, because if I say it out loud he wont rest until he has one).

[Imagine an adorable picture of Alex here. My USB cable doesn’t seem to be working. Or maybe my USB on my computer isn’t. Either way, I have no new pictures of Alex. Here is my favorite picture ever, though, even though it’s blurry and was taken on an iPhone.]
Daddy and Baby, Day 1.