Four More Months Of School

I can’t wait to be done. I miss taking pictures. I miss doing nothing. I miss Alex. I miss Zach. I miss my life.


Us :)

I miss my blog, too.

Yesterday, Alex asked, “Where did you go, Mommy?”

I told him, “Today I was taking care of sick people.”

“Oh, you took cawe of sick people on da school bus?”

According to Alex, when I’m not with him? I’m on a school bus.

The Happenings: Mobile Phone Edition

There has been a lot of giggling when I’ve actually been able to spend time with Alex.

Mobile Uploads

Mobile Uploads

There have been a couple of morning trips for last minute breakfast. In case you were wondering: Alex loves “cweam cheese” and eats the entire bagel:

Mobile Uploads

We purchased, trimmed and set up our Christmas Tree!:

Mobile Uploads

We’ve all gained approximately eleventy-million pounds, thanks to cookies and other delicious holiday treats:

Mobile Uploads

And, of course, there have been adorable, heart-melting, cuddles:

Mobile Uploads

Also? Alex has moved to a toddler bed! The same bed that his father slept in as a toddler, with a fresh paint job. The bed is shaped like a car and was handmade by Alex’s grandfather about 23 years ago.


Still Alive

I’m still alive, but with my closest friend in town I haven’t had a spare second (until now!) to be on the internet.

So much to update, but it will have to wait until tomorrow most likely.

A quick recap of my weekend:

Amazing mommy-blogger meet up on Friday night! Wonderful women, fantastic time.
Best Friend, Sarah, arrived late Friday night.
Alex woke up at five in the morning on Saturday with a fever of 102.
He’s had a slight fever and been a bit cranky and unhappy since then. Poor thing.
Had so much fun catching up with Sarah. I just know I’m going to cry when she leaves later today.